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Performance Air Balancing

Performance Air Balancing

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We are committed to obtaining  the maximum performance from every HVAC system that we test and balance.
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Performance Air Balancing Inc. is an NBC (National Balancing Council) certified HVAC test and balance company that has balanced thousands of commercial, industrial, institutional and, residential systems throughout the state of Florida. Performance Air Balancing Inc. is an independent test and balance agency that has no affiliation or vested financial interest with any manufacturer, vendor, contractor, or installer of HVAC systems. Our independent status ensures that there will never be a conflict of interest that would prevent us from providing honest, accurate, and unbias results.

HVAC systems are more complex than ever before. A properly balanced HVAC system must be energy efficient, meet indoor air quality and comfort expectations, and do so at optimum performance. Without proper balancing, an HVAC system is unlikely to function as designed. An improperly balanced HVAC system can cause discomfort; such as unwanted hot and cold spots, stinky stale air, excessive air flow, irritating noises, and more. Don’t let your HVAC system go to waste. Make it work for you with a certified test and balance that will ensure maximum comfort throughout your home or building. We are committed to obtaining the maximum performance from every HVAC system that we test and balance. 

If you feel like you are having this problem, contact us today, we’ll get your system running at peak performance levels quickly and efficiently!

The reason for a guarantee is your trust in us to complete the job without error and according to a certain schedule. We guarantee honesty in what we do, as well as good customer service and satisfaction on each job. If there seems to be an error on our part, we will rectify the situation at our own expense. Test & Balance on your project is GUARANTEED for a minimum of 1 year and/or per the duration of time as set forth and defined in the project documents.