Performance Air Balancing
Performance Air Balancing

Our Mission

man-workingOur philosophy is that system performance is the key to your building’s energy savings, quality of comfort, and the satisfaction of a job well done regardless of size.

We do not furnish or install any part of the system; therefore, our reports are factual and unbiased.

Performance Air Balancing is dedicated to giving our field technicians the correct tools, information and technology to perform each test and balance project. Our technicians have the ability to research all types of equipment, and our company procedures electronically. This is to produce the most accurate test and balance report possible.

We use professional and manufacturer calibrated equipment to test and balance your projects.

All of our reports are computer generated at the jobsite. We can leave a certified copy of the Test and Balance report upon request for your final inspection.

If system performance is not achieved we will work with you to resolve any design, install or equipment problem.